Friday, August 06, 2010

Nick 'n Natie

Nate has found a new bff at Camp Daniel! This awesome young man has stolen Nate's heart for sure. Nate actually posed for this pic by throwing his arms around his neck...and after I took the photo, Nate signs, "More! More!" So I had to take another one! Then big hugs and lots of kisses for Nick as I took Natie off to bed. Nick came to Camp Daniel as a first time counselor this year. I know Nate will be looking for him next year for sure!.

(footote: Sunday, Aug 8th....I actually took this photo and immediately uploaded it to this blog as we were all sitting in the dining room waiting for counselor meeting. I couldn't frame it and make it all cropped and cute like many of my other pictures posted from Camp Daniel. But the photo speaks for itself, doesn't it? Natie..totally smitten. :)


  1. This IS my favorite picture ever!I'm going to miss that little boy so much...I miss all of you and hope to see you sometime soon.

    Your new son Nick :P