Thursday, August 05, 2010

Camp Daniel....goin strong

Well we had a hearty Lumberjack breakfast....a full day of carnival games and dunk tanks, fishing down at the lake, swimming, lounging at the snack stand, going to the craft tent and gettin' all crafty...and eating entirely too much junk food. After a spell, it was time to head to the room, get dressed for dinner, and get ready for chapel.
James gave an awesome message again. He used the same theme "We Are Strong" and added "....when we work together as a church."
He showed a Mr. Potato head that had all ears stuck on it (he bought two of them so he had enough props!) and the lesson was....if Mr. Potato had all ears, could he see? Then he stuck eyes everywhere instead of would he be able to hear? Smell? When we all work together as a church family, we are strong. Disability or not, we all make up a part of the body of Christ, we each have a significant role, and no one part is more important than another.
Not even if you're a celebrity, like me.
Welcome to day 2 at Camp Daniel

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