Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Concert in the park, part 1

It was the evening of the reveal day. The exclamation point to the entire week. James and I learned early on that the family selected by EMHE was a strong Christian family who loved music.

The owners of Lexington turned to my husband to coordinate a benefit concert.

That gave James only few weeks to get everything worked out; the venue, the artists, food, fencing, sound and lighting, emergency vehicles.....permits, you name it. The build was a whirlwind, that's for sure....but this project was it's own separate undertaking! It was huge!

As the week of the build moved ahead like a freight train, I watched my husband give interview after interview, write press releases at break-neck speed, meet with the police captain, the chief, swat team (no joke...they even gave James one of their coveted t-shirts).

Speaking of t-shirts, James even designed the concert t-shirt.

And that's not including the artists.

We welcomed Mark Schultz, Ginny Owens, James Kocian (by emphatic request of the owners of Lexington!) and live via satellite from Sydney, Australia....Darlene Zschech! Whoo-hoooo!

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