Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bye, Pa Pa!

Tonight... That's what Nate said.
Bye, Pa Pa!
3 little syllables, all in a row.
One tiny sentence.
So beautiful.


  1. That IS so beautiful...ya know...I wish all the people that followed you could actually HEAR what Nathan says everyday. When you hear Nathan talk and all the awesome signs he makes and all the fun expressions he lightens up everyones moods. Nathan makes everyone happy...he makes everyone laugh and he makes everyone aww...I can just hear him say this. I'm so blessed to be able to actually HEAR the things he says. Nathan makes all of us better. I actually am so wanting to hear him say "Uh Oh"...thats my favorite right now.

  2. How wonderful! I can't wait to hear Jack say anything!!

  3. Great job Nate!! Yay for you=)

    Jill, I am sure that one "little" sentence just "FILLED" your heart with joy!! The small things really ARE the big things, huh??!!

    So happy for you! Enjoy those words=)

  4. Simply and absolutely beautiful!

    Have so enjoyed catching up on Cap pictures and festivities!Talk about an amazing experience.

    Blessed and beyond lucky you all are.