Sunday, July 25, 2010

A little bit of culture...

We went on a date the other night with my husband's parents.
The big kids were gone for the weekend, so James and I had Nate to ourselves.
We first went to dine at the historic Union House Hotel, which was built in 1883.
Green Bay has lots of historical landmarks, and this gorgeous brick building is on the Register of Historical Places.
The Union House Hotel is the oldest continuously operated hotel in the area. The menu is virtually unchanged since its opening. I enjoyed the time travel very much...although my husband just enjoyed his ribeye :). It's been a long time since I've had such an elegant dinner! Eating there made our night really special.
We left the Union House, and drove a short distance to St. Norbert College....another distincively honored establishment founded in 1898 by a Norbertine priest and educator. Originally, this college was meant to train young men for the priesthood. Today, the college is identified as a private, Catholic liberal arts school. Their fine arts department puts on the greatest productions!
Nate is always so good, I was not worried at all that he might be disruptive during the show. But I wasn't prepared for him to LOVE it!
We saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.
All I can say was that Nate was completely enchanted.
During the intermission, he kept signing for "music!"
Thank you, Dick and Kayann, for such a magical evening!
After intermission, he relocated from my lap to Nana's lap....and I wish I could have taken a picture of him and her together. It's one of those little Kodak moments that you have to store in your memory bank.
He reclined against her and toward the end of the play, I sneeked glances at him and watched as his eyes began to flutter.
Have I mentioned lately that Nathan is perfect?
Have I said recently that he is the end of the rainbow??
I'm not sure if I've ever made myself clear before, so I'll say it again....
This kiddo is the light of my life.
The greatest blessing anyone could ask for.
How did I get to be his mom??


  1. do look so happy in this picture...great post!

  2. This is such a great picture Jill! Nathan is looking so grown up!