Monday, April 19, 2010

Award-winning breakfast....

At this point, it goes without saying that we went camping again over the weekend.
Here's what happened the first morning;
We were in the camper, and I was making up the bed. James was checking messages on his phone, and Nate was hanging out at the table playing. On the bench where Nate was sitting was the bag of food that I brought in for the night so the critters didn't get into it.
I look over at Nate, and he's munching on an enormous strawberry marshmallow! (I found these jumbos at the grocery and couldn't resist....I mean seriously....can you just imagine the
s'more s??)
Anyway, I look at my husband and say, "did you give him a marshmallow for breakfast?" he looks up and over at Nate, chuckles and shakes his head. "Nope," he says.
And then Nate shoves another bite into his mouth and giggles.
We LOL because it dawns on us that Nate looked in the bag of groceries, saw an irresistible marshmallow, and proceeded to help himself.

Here's what happened the second morning;

The bed that we use is closest to the sink, and James will keep a can of juice and/or candy in the basin of the sink in case he wakes up with a low blood-sugar in the middle of the night. So on this morning, I wake to the sound of the bag of candy crinkling and I immediately think that James is low, and I wake up, only to find that James is already up and outside. Nate is lounging around in bed with me. It occurs to me that James must have gotten Nate up and put him on our bed....and then.....I smell.....something.......(not a dirty diaper)....but the smell of......what is that? Strawberries?

I look at Nate again, and see that his mouth looks a little more pink than usual, and ...I......smell that smell again! Yes, it IS strawberries but what the.....??

ah yes, you guessed. My little candy-man had once again helped himself to a breakfast-of-champions. He had leaned all the way over, reached into the sink basin, crinkled around in there until he dug out James' candy, and had a "strawberry" for breakfast.

...and he's so nonchalant about it, like he's got every right in the world.


  1. Ha ha ha... what a clever little guy who seriously knows what yumminess you've been keeping from him. :-)

  2. He can start hangin with Georgie now...Peeps with Syrup and wash it down with Mountain Dew

  3. Little stinker - so cute!! I'm jealous of all your camping already. By now, we've usually started too. It's been a BEAUTIFUL spring -- what's wrong with us?!?

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