Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rahm Emanuel is a retard(ant)

It's really a bad deal for politicians when their feet are held to the fire over something they said behind closed doors months and months ago. yikes, hey? I don't even remember what I said last night hardly.... I hesitate to weigh in on this topic because I loath the bandwagon and run from it at all costs...but as I read so many posts and subsequent commentary on this, I just have to say my piece! And my piece is that Rahm Emanual is retarded.
Here's why I think so.
Used as a verb, the word "retarded" means; to make slow; delay the development or progress of ; hinder or impede. I think Rahm's derogatory use of the word has certainly made the positive progression you and I work so hard to communicate to the world much slower, don't you? The changes we want so desperately to see for our kids hit a brick wall from this government official, and we are now met with delay in the developmental progress, in action and in the process of social change. Anyone and everyone who thinks like Rahm does has now been validated. Because of this, his words have become a hinderance to us as we strive to change the minds of those who believe retarded is an acceptable term. Used as a noun, the word "retarded" mean: a slowing down, diminution (decrease), or hindrance.... The push that our Ds community has for re-educating the general public is now faced with a slowing down and potential decrease in effectiveness. I believe the general public (for the most part) accepts and believes what those in authority speak. Especially if they don't have a personal opinion about the matter, or are not personally affected by it. Most people in these unaffected positions will take what those in authority speak at face value, as truth...as acceptable. Not a good example. If Rahm would have said, "that is f****g GAY!" I feel most sure there would be another commercial on TV right now about the proper usage of the word "gay". HEY, WHERE'S OUR COMMERCIAL?? (btw....Sarah......it's never ok!!) Finally, the word "retarded" is used in this way; Slang: Disparaging. a. a mentally retarded person. b.a person who is stupid, obtuse, or ineffective in some way... Rahm is not diagnosed as a "mentally retarded person", but he was stupid, obtuse and ineffective in the way he spoke these naughty words, and he has become a retardant in our efforts. The only good out of this stupid and obtuse comment is it has brought lots of attention to the topic. He even called the Special Olympics whoo hoo. Didn't Barack Obama do that when he oopsied about the retarded community, too? What's with these men? They don't get made fun of because they are black or Jewish....sheeeesh..... Be Nice!!


  1. When I listen to this guy, the word "arrogance" comes to mind. He thinks he is smarter than anyone else and comes across that way. Romans 1:22 in the Message says: "They pretend to know it all, but were illiterate regarding life." How true. This guy and his boss need Jesus. I find it easy to complain (and I do) and not so easy to pray for these men. But only He can change their hearts. In the meantime we not only pray but continue to demonstrate to our world what "life" really means. Great vent, Jill. I loved it.

  2. Awesome post, you should express your indignation on your blog more often! You are a great voice for the cause, you are brave with your words, keep shouting!

  3. Other than my husband, there are few men (if any) whose encouragement I appreciate more than you two. Thanks. I don't like to "soapbox" and I usually don't, but I'm thankful for your support.

  4. Oooooh, you go, girl! I loved your post and really appreciate your choice of words... Thanks for putting it out there and standing up for our kids!