Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My idea of music therapy...

This past Saturday night, James had a concert at the Cup o' Joy...which is this totally cool Christian musician's venue that is located in downtown Green Bay. It has the feel of a small, intimate coffee house and yet has a killer sound system and incredible audience that brings Christian headliners back week after week, year after year. James was invited back again this year, and to prepare for the concert, he spent more time playing piano and singing than usual. So instead of an hour or so a day, Nate got to enjoy hearing James write new songs, figure out chord progressions, and play intricate melodies for hours a day. And to make it even better, we had a few new musicians come over to our house to practice. Nate just couldn't get enough...


So he claps and jigs and bangs his blocks together...and if his drum is handy, he'll bang on that too, but it was John's guitar that had him mesmerized. So then Becky and I added the vocal harmony, and I feel sure that if he could talk, he would be able to sing these songs! He's totally loving all of this music. At sound check, he clapped along again and was amazed at hearing all of the sounds put together! ...and here we are....just before taking the stage. (www.cupojoy.com) When you're up there, the lights are so bright and the house lights are off in the audience, so it's nearly impossible to see anyone. Too bad, because we were told after the gig that for the last song, Nana had brought Nate up to the front row...and he was so excited! He clapped and waved and wiggled all around to the songs he knows and loves! I wish I could have seen him. Our little music man!
I feel so blessed to have my home filled with such incredible, original music every day of my life.


  1. The concert was so awesome!!! Let's do it again:)

    Natie is definitely going to follow in his parents musical foot steps.

  2. If you need a bass (and I don't mean a fish), let me know.

  3. Great post and photos. I would've loved to have been there at the concert, too.

  4. I love the picture of you and Nate -- he is so cute and you look so good! I'm glad that you have been able to find a venue of worship for the talent you have and the desire you've ALWAYS had to use it! It's so cool.

  5. coming from you Jen...that's a huge compliment.
    oh I still remember the Rock House days at Calvary...we did some singin'!!

  6. This is the best music therapy I've heard of. How wonderful! Without a doubt, you have a little musician following in your footsteps.