Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I didn't think Nate would go through life without teeth...but seriously I was beginning to wonder. No joke....months went by and no little toofers...not even a hint of swollen gums.  Then while in Arizona over Easter, thar it was. His first tooth. And not just a tiny pearl on the bottom, oh no-this was a major tooth, (only one) front center, baby.  Oh yeah...my kid knows how it's done! Tonight, Andrew told me Nate was getting more teeth! Sure enough, his top molars are in. Yep and no bottom teeth yet. Hilarious! Our pediatrician tells me that Nate is only the 3rd kid he's ever heard of that got his top teeth first. THAT'S NOT TYPICAL!


  1. That's great!!! I keep wondering when Ruby will get teeth:)

  2. Yay, Nate! John Michael's 2 top teeth came in first, then 2 bottom. I used to have bad dreams that he'd have shark teeth. Oy vey! It sure does take a long time...