Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Camping over Memorial Day Weekend

I was a little worried about taking Nate tent-camping...only because he's such a speed crawler these days, and heck let's face it, there's nowhere to crawl when you're out ruffin it.
We brought the pack-n-play, but I didn't think he would be very happy stuck in there for very long. So the first night we camped, Nate had a sleep-over with Nana and Papa! Our friends Jason and Deanna came for the day with the girls and Cade. We made brats and dogs and burgers for dinner and stayed up too late.
Then it rained for what seemed like half the night, and it was wonderful! Our new tent was snug and dry, and the extra canopy top kept the rain from touching the actual roof of the tent.
(If you're like me and enjoy sleeping to the sound of rain and wind, you would have loved this!)
Maddie actually said, "how did I do?" and we all cracked up because she has no front teeth. The next day when Nate came, I realized I had worried for nothing! We put him in the tent, unzipped the "windows" all the way down (huge windows!) and he had the time of his life! It was like an enormous pack-n-play with pillows, an air mattress to crawl all over, toys everywhere-he had a blast!

Nate chases his snacks out the door...

On Sunday we had more company!! We enjoyed the day and (late into the) evening with our pals Tim and Becky and their awesome kids, Caleb and Amelia. Our nephews came to visit for the day as well as Nana and Papa (with a tray of tenderloins omg) We knew better but couldn't resist, and stayed up even later than the night before-but we had an absoultly wonderful time. The weather was terrific, and as usual-Nate totally went with the flow and slept and ate and played like a super-champ! He is so much fun.

Hangin out with James' mom, Mads and my nephew (little) James

Now that we can add "camper" to all the other things Nate does well, we look forward to going often this summer. Camping rules! (except next time...I bring a coffee pot....aarg)


  1. Oh how fun! Sounds like you guys are really starting to enjoy camping! It's so fun...but not as much fun as when you have a fab cup of coffee...there's just something about sitting outside with a great cup of jo after a night of ruffin' it!
    Love ya!

  2. It was super fun hanging out with you guys. We'll bring the coffee next time :)

  3. Camping without caffeine? You are definitely younger than me! haha!