Friday, May 29, 2009

At least the grilled cheese went over big...

Nate went from having no teeth to wow I can hardly keep count they're coming in so fast. Accordingly, he's been a little crabby-drooling-cry-at-the-drop-of-a-hat-ish, which isn't normal for him. Also, his appetite has changed, and he went from eating just about anything I put on his eating only peanut butter and jelly, crackers and yogurt.
Well, this will never do. I worry!
Of course I today I figured I'd give him some raspberries for dinner....try to sneak in a few pieces of cooked carrots, and try a different sandwich (since he seems to like sandwiches lately).
The raspberries were working beautifully.
I warmed the carrots up, placed them in the midst of the raspberries...and then he paused...looked at the carrots...looked at me...and proceeded to pick them out and toss them aside!
Don't they look enough alike?

ok maybe not so much, but seriously, aren't they both bright and colorful and tempting??
I looked at him and said, "you'd like me to believe that you don't understand me...but I know you understand far more than what you let on, little boy. If you can tell the difference between a chunk of carrot and a raspberry, process the fact that you don't like carrots within a second or two, and begin to systematically remove them from your tray...then I don't know what."
All I can think is he must be genius.


  1. At least he comes by it honestly.

  2. That's the only logical conclusion :-) I know my guy is a foodie genius, too.

  3. Stinker and Genius -- a great combination. That should keep his parents on their toes. I wonder how long he would hold out if the carrots were the only thing before him. Probably longer than his folks could. Like I said many times, this boy is going to be a force -- already is. For his God and His Kingdom. I am blessed to be his and his family's pastor.

  4. I'd throw the carrots on the floor too. I'm in the 'Genius Club'!!

  5. LOL! Sounds like my Matthew, except Nate is eating waaaay better than Matthew, as far as table food goes anyway. I told his therapist how he picked out and tossed aside the goldfish crackers from the cheerios that I put on his tray. She said, "Wow! He's sorting!" Yes, our little guys definitely understand far more than they let on. Don't let their sparkling eyes and big grin fool ya! Trust me, I've fallen for that trap far too many times. LOL!!

  6. He IS a genius. The next thing to go will be the peas:)

  7. Haha.. a boy after my own heart! Cooked carrots? ewwwww.... seriously Jill. why ruin the raspberries?