Monday, March 09, 2009

train up a child....

It's 9:30 pm and we got back a little while ago from a bible study downtown that James and I are leading. I'm getting ready for bed, and I know I heard a voice from upstairs calling me. So I stood at the bottom of the stairs and called up to Hannah, and she mumbled drowsily. I said, "did you call me?" She said, "no Mom, I didn't say anything." But I swear she did! I walked up the stairs and stuck my head into Andrew's room and woke him up. I said, "did you call me Andrew?" He replied, "no. I was sleeping." I said to them both..."are you sure?" Hannah giggled. "Yes! No one called you". I actually went into Nate's room and walked over to his crib. asleep. I shrugged. Half way down the stairs Andrew says in a sleepy voice..."hey Mom... next time someone calls your name, say 'yes God?' "
I paused in that great moment.
I said, "Bless you, son"
"Goodnight, Mom"


  1. That's awesome Jill! Too awesome! You are blessed!
    Love you, V

  2. Or say, "yes, Pastor Jerry". Great account. It just shows that we can and need to open to hearing from God anytime of the day and in any place. That commitment will take us to new heights in our relationship with God but it won't be pain free. We do have a choice but there is only one that makes sense. Great job, Jill.