Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Andrew turns 14

Today is Andrew's 14th birthday! Sounds like he wants to celebrate with fast food and shopping...I see Big Macs and Scheels in my future tonight! Hard to believe he was so little at one time...awwww. Doesn't that look like Natie??

wait....here's Natie....

my boys! (What's funny is Andrew took this picture!)
What Andrew doesn't know...is I have a surprise for him this weekend! And it's bigger than the jumbo-sized white chocolate candy bar I put in his lunch today :) Out of everybody that actually knows what is planned, and there are many who do, it'll be a miracle if I can pull it off as an actual surprise! More on that after the weekend is over! But for today...Happy Birthday, big son!


  1. Look at you then and now! How is that possible to be more beautiful 14 years later?!? Plus, you birthed a couple of cuties along the way...