Sunday, January 11, 2009


Nathan's physical therapist thinks my aerobic stepper is the greatest piece of therapy equipment she's ever seen! (I knew it was good for something!)
  • Nathan is up on his knees and can rock back and forth
  • It is textured... which entertains his little fingers
  • We put toys and snacks on it to encourage him to reach and grab
  • It has a no-slip frame so he can't push it out from underneath himself
  • It's just the right height so his abdominal muscles get most of the work. What fun he has on this thing! More fun than I ever had, that's for sure!
Another exercise I do with Nathan is I hold him on my lap while sitting. I put his favorite snack on either side of my legs, and then I hold his hips down so he has to bend all the way over to one side or the other to get the treat! This was working great....for about 2 minutes. Then Nate figured out that instead of grabbing a puff and doing all that work to get back up to a sitting position, he could just stay down there on his side, scarf up the puffs in a hurry and then come up and go to the other side! little punk!
Out-smarted me.
He signs for "sleepy" and it's really cute. He shares his food by offering it during dinner time, usually to his dad, and then taking it back when offered back to him. He has totally mastered his sippy cup, (that took perseverance...every other day or so try it again until one day it just clicked!) And because of this accomplishment, he can now bend his head back while in a sitting position to drink it....something he hasn't been able to do until now.
Last week when he was at Deanna's she reported that she had offered him a bite of a chocolate chip waffle. He loved it so much that she put him on the floor, put a few pieces on a plate, held his tummy only, and he scrambled crawl-style to the plate! Smart kid. He is very close....but I'm in no hurry for him to crawl away from his momma.


  1. That is great Jill that you are working with him in this way. You are right, it doesn't take long for them to learn how to do it the easier way which makes it challenging to always find new ways of working the same muscles. I applaud you for your efforts and hold the opinion that you can't challenge these kids enough. I love working with John. It is almost addictive seeing him learn things that really go beyond your expectations of them. One more thing - it is always interesting to me what we have laying around the house that can be used in physical therapy. Good job! I love it.

  2. Go Natie Go! We're so proud of you.

  3. Aw it sounds like he doing amazingly well! :-) I LOVE the step as a therapy tool, very cool! I used to use an ice cube tray to give Tarenne her cheerios because it helped with her pincer grasp.