Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The other night I laughed so hard my sides hurt ...isn't that a great feeling? Every year, we look forward to going to the O'Conners for their annual Christmas party. Their home is so beautiful, the food always amazing and the friendships are everlasting. I look at the faces of these...some of my dearest and best friends, and think back to all we have been through together even in just this past year. I think....oh the Lord has been so good to me and knows me so well to give me these girls as gifts to go through life with!

Our pastor and his wonderful wife...I chuckled when we arrived at the party and saw them....because we had just had been to a His Way concert the night before and went out afterward together...and the weekend prior had attended the Gaither Homecoming concert together as well! We couldn't ask for better company to celebrate the Christmas season with. What a blessing it is to call this great man and his wife our friends.


  1. Jill this was so much fun. We all had a blast. So glad we're friends:)

  2. Jill, thank you for the many laughs, that night and countless others. I am blessed to know you and be your friend. I LOVE that hat!