Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Night of Hope

A few nights ago James and I went to a different church! Being in ministry, we don't often get to attend other services...so having the chance to see Joel Osteen in Milwaukee was really awesome! Suffice it to television does not do his ministry justice. We felt an overwhelming presence of humility, gratitude and authenticity from his entire group.
I loved every minute of it...the worship team (led by Cindy Cruse-Ratcliff) was totally incredible.  After a song or two, Joel Osteen came up on the platform (no big intro, no rah-rah) he just made his way up like any other pastor of any other church and welcomed everyone.  The worship team sang again, Joel's mother shared her testimony, then his wife shared for a few minutes...more singing.  By the time he actually gave his message we all felt like old friends. His little girl even got up and sang a song at the end.  A beautiful night of worship, encouragement, promise and hope.  Just what we needed.

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